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Merry Player


Pick Resources




The R S G



The R S G is an independant shop retailing Steampunk, Scenic and Stockings Artwork.


Located on the Isle of Wight, The RSG (Ryde Steampunk Gallery) is open on Saturdays during refurbishment. If you see something you like, and want to discuss purchase, please call 01983 612112




Merry Player



Merry Player is an Independant Global Consultant.


Global Software Development Manager and Global Programme and Projects Manager, Merry Player makes a positive difference to your COmpany profile, and bottom line.




Pick Resources


Pick was, is and will be the Big Data , Fast speed choice of the discerning Professional.


The only true RDBMS, sold Globally to Corporations, Governments, and all sectors, Pick is still the most reliable, fault tollerant solution around. Check out the Pick Page


Steampunk on Sale - 25% off

Move to the www.TheRSG.co.uk site and get 25% off all steampunk artwork now.


  • Steampunk Art and artifacts
  • Scenic (IOW) Art and artifacts
  • Stockings Art and FF Nylons


Pick Manuals now available

Move to the www.merryplayer.com website and find pages and manuals on.


  • Reality, mvBase, D3
  • Unidata and Universe
  • Hardware, Software and Firmware






You can contact Beachrunner directly on +44 7964696681


Beachrunner Ltd is a Limited in England and Wales, Registration number 7808866 VAT number 122150668 Telephone +44 1983 612112 Address 129 High St Ryde PO33 2RJ